An Introduction…

Okay, a week between posts is unacceptable to me…or perhaps that’s just because I set high standards for myself. I don’t have an excuse other than the lack of energy I’ve felt over the last week. I was also a tad distracted, but that’s besides the point. I’ll do my best to keep up with things a lot more. I suppose a set schedule would help things, and that was something I had thought about; trying to come up with a “when to post” schedule is one thing, however, I think I need a schedule for when I work on writing and obviously my blog. I’m going to try to have something akin to a schedule by March (I find a new month means a new beginning, and so is the perfect time to start something new).

Photo by: unsplash-logoBrooke Lark

ANYWAY–I know you’re not here for the ramblings of someone who needs to get their crap together. You’re here for an actual post, and let me say that I’ve been looking forward to this since I first got this blog going. I want to introduce someone very near and dear to me (other than my husband and my small child with a big attitude). This is a character that came about through the game Dark and Shattered Lands, a multi-user dungeon (MUD for short) that I actually have affiliated with since…I think 2007? Or maybe earlier? A friend actually introduced me to this text-based RPG, and I got hooked instantly. I mean, come on, getting to see a character evolve from a chaotic-good swashbuckler to a chaotic-evil priest is amazing fun! The battle system can cause eye-bleed if you’re not used to it, but the stories someone can create with OTHER PEOPLE…there are no words.

After a hiatus from the game, I came back with a new character…someone who I didn’t even see as becoming such an integral part of myself. I created the character template without thinking about a possible backstory or personality for who I was going to be playing as. A physical description was the most I had when I threw her into the middle of the chaos of the game. It wasn’t until after I had started leveling and looking for a kingdom to make traveling and so much easier on myself that everything just fell into place. I was in the middle of writing a note to a kingdom, hoping they’d grant me citizenship, and that’s when inspiration struck.

And with that in mind, allow me to introduce my pirate queen, Jadelyn Darkwater!

…I don’t know what I’m expected to say here. I guess my name has been given away. I am the one and only Jadelyn Darkwater, former Captain of the pirate ship The Haberdasher. Wait…are you laughing? Why are you laughing?! That is a fantastic name for a ship! Better than some people names I’ve heard, let me tell you.

I actually grew up on the ‘Dasher. I was found by the previous captain, and he raised me with the crew. One big ol’ happy family, until he decided to up and leave (something about finding his family from before his pirating days). That’s when I got her. We did alright for a while, but then we struck something and it caused the ship to sink. Everyone died but me, don’t ask me how that happened. I washed up on shore, rode a camel through a desert, and ended up in a bar in this kingdom called Althainia.

Althainia was alright. I wasn’t allowed to go pirating, but I could still sail (after joining the Navy, which is a little ironic, I suppose). There was a nice bar, and the portals in the castle made it easier to travel to other places with other bars! The folks were pretty decent to me, and I got pretty close with the Empress, and Knight of all people, as well as someone with a pet panther. Or maybe he was the pet of the panther. I should ask him sometimes.

What else is there to say about me without going into all of my adventures (which I could do, but I don’t think anyone would like to sit here that long)? I have a mouth with a mind of its own sometimes. That brain-to-mouth filter that most people have? Aye, mine works about half the time. If that. I love rum and whiskey, though I’d prefer rum (so, you know, you could get me something for my birthday). I love the water and have a healthy respect for it. I know the ocean could kill me without a second thought, but it doesn’t frighten me. The god I follow, out of all of them, is Raije, the God of War. Doesn’t seem fitting, huh? It’s all right. Raije doesn’t really appeal to everyone, especially when it seems like all types interpret His teachings in different ways. Me? I fight in honorable battles. I don’t attack innocent people. And I won’t use the sharp parts of my swords unless provoked. Don’t forget…not all battles are fought on the field or sea.

And there you have it. A brief introduction to the character that I’ve been obsessed with for around 3 years now. She’s changed so much in so many ways from the time I started playing her until the time I stopped. She’s stuck with me more than any other character before. I’m actually planning on doing more with her outside of the game, and I can’t wait because I just love her. I love thinking of different scenarios with her, and my friends from the game do the same thing. Modern AUs. Situations that haven’t happened in the game, but could elsewhere. Tiny details that didn’t get to be played out in full, but would totally happen. It’s fun, and I look forward to what the future holds for her!

If you have any questions about Jadelyn, or if you have questions for Jadelyn, leave them in the comments below! Someone will respond to them, I’m sure! Who knows what will happen?

3 thoughts on “An Introduction…

  1. Anthony

    I LOVE this. Everything about this. So much nostalgia coming back reading it. May all of her and your own adventures be fun and rewarding, Ali!!!


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