Class is now in session.

Welcome back, everyone! I hope no one minded the slight deviation from the tabletop discussion with the last post. For all of my fellow tabletop gamers out there, you’ll be happy to know that we’re getting back on track! What will we talk about today?

As the title would suggest, we’re going to look at a few of my favorite classes when it comes to D&D and Pathfinder. I have more experience with these two, which is the only reason why others aren’t being included. I may look into things and update my list in another post. We’ll see.

I don’t know about a lot of other tabletop RPGers out there, but I definitely have a “type” when I play. If we don’t have one, then we at least know one. Someone who plays the same thing at every game, with a few adjustments so it’s not exactly the same character all the time. And while I don’t try to play the same thing every time I game, I definitely have certain classes I prefer to play over others.

The standard classes are as follows: barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard. Each one has their pros and cons, and they have their own skills that separate them from another. There could be some overlap in skills, but they could be utilized in different ways depending on the class. Some are more suited as a support class (I’m looking at you, bard), melee (barbarian), or ranged (wizard), and there are usually ways where you can twist a class so that it can specialize in more than one style of fighting or what have you. A wizard could choose only non-damage spells, like Anti-Magic Field or Locate Object. A fighter might choose to go the Eldritch Knight route, which fuses spells WITH fighting. There are subclasses for each base class, and you can even multi-class, meaning you can choose to be a rogue or takes some levels in wizard so as to make yourself invisible on your own instead of relying on someone else to cast it on you…or rely on potions. Let’s face it, potions can get pricey as hell, same with scrolls.

Classes are pretty customizable, especially when you throw races into the mix because each race offers different benefits, some of which are better for certain classes. High elves (a subrace of elf) get a bonus to intelligence, the main stat of a wizard. Halflings get a bonus to dexterity, which is perfect for a rogue. Humans are more well-rounded creatures, so they can work with pretty much every class. And yes, you can choose to make a halfling fighter if you so choose; you just won’t get to do as much as, say, a dwarven fighter.

Over the years, and after many games and characters played, I have found a favorite group of classes I would rather play over others. I don’t really enjoy playing spell-casters, even if they can do damage with their spells. Each spell-caster has different ways that they use their spells, even how they keep track of how many spells they can learn, or how many they can cast per day. For me, that’s a bit more than I would like to have to track when I’m trying to game (I’m an over-thinker, so this simply adds to my anxiety). Does that mean I won’t play a spell-caster? No. I’ll play it if a character I create makes more sense to be a spell-caster than a melee fighter (remember, I play with concepts, not just what is wanted or needed in a party).

My favorite classes, however, are melee classes. They’re not necessarily “tanks”, the ones that can take a lot of damage and dish out a lot of damage. I prefer classes that are light on their feet, so to speak. They can offer decent damage, but are also quick to move about the field during battle. Rogues are a particular favorite. Being all sneaky and backstabbing and pickpocketing is just a ton of fun for me. I can do a load of damage when needed (backstabbing is particularly satisfying when you’re at the higher levels), and if I take a shit-load of damage, my higher dex score will hopefully let me tumble the hell out of the middle of combat. Fighters that can go the two-weapon fighting route can also do decent damage, because not only can they hit multiple times per round, but with a higher strength, they can generally do more damage per hit. Monks are also fun to play for me. I had a monk in a 5th edition game that went “Way of the Four Elements” with her monastic tradition path. I was trying to become the Avatar, master of the four elements, but that was a player goal, not a character goal.

I think my current favorite character based on class is my rogue from a 5e game. By backstory, he was a pirate, even if the class didn’t truly reflect that. However, the class “Swashbuckler” came out as a roguish archetype, which opened up a few abilities to just add to my rogue to make it more formidable in battle. I could make add my charisma modifier to my initiative rolls, which could help put me closer to the front of the line for battles. With the added “Panache”, I could either cause a hostile creature have disadvantage on attacks against me, or charm a creature that was not hostile towards me. I also didn’t need advantage on my sneak attack rolls when I was essentially fighting on my own. That made things much more fun…even if my HP was rather on the sucky side of things.

How about you? Is there a class that you prefer to play? Or what about a “type”? Is there a certain style you like that could encompass more than one class? I’d love to hear about your favorites, and even the classes you dislike. Hit me up in the comments and let me know!

Until next time, take care!

One thought on “Class is now in session.

  1. Anthony

    Roguish types are always a blast, but my favorite classes are the ones that benefit from Charisma. Yes, chief among these in my book are Paladins, Bards, and rogues. Anytime you can mechanichally make a huge impact with sense motive, intimidate, bluff is a great day, and some of the most outlandish game events can spawn from the high charisma character either rescuing or dooming the party 🙂


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